McCain Yorkshire Coast 10K Road Race 2012. Date 28th Oct 2012
Photographer: Adrian Ewart
(many thanks Adrian !!)
If you require any of the images in the large size/higher resolution copy then please email with the image number and we will email it to you. This is a free service.
For guidance on where to see yourself please note the approximate finishing times of runners above the photos.
All race images taken at the 4.5km and 5.5km points (so a bit of the guidance times get mixed up but you'll get the gist of it hopefully !!

31 - 32 minutes            
IMG_6342a IMG_6346a IMG_6363a IMG_6802a IMG_6808a IMG_6811a IMG_6819a
IMG_6342a.jpg IMG_6346a.jpg IMG_6363a.jpg IMG_6802a.jpg IMG_6808a.jpg IMG_6811a.jpg IMG_6819a.jpg
IMG_6823a IMG_6829a IMG_6837a IMG_6842a IMG_6845a IMG_6849a IMG_6855a
IMG_6823a.jpg IMG_6829a.jpg IMG_6837a.jpg IMG_6842a.jpg IMG_6845a.jpg IMG_6849a.jpg IMG_6855a.jpg
IMG_6857a IMG_6864a IMG_6866a IMG_6868a IMG_6871a IMG_6872a IMG_6874a
IMG_6857a.jpg IMG_6864a.jpg IMG_6866a.jpg IMG_6868a.jpg IMG_6871a.jpg IMG_6872a.jpg IMG_6874a.jpg
IMG_6875a IMG_6879a IMG_6880a IMG_6882a IMG_6885a IMG_6886a IMG_6888a
IMG_6875a.jpg IMG_6879a.jpg IMG_6880a.jpg IMG_6882a.jpg IMG_6885a.jpg IMG_6886a.jpg IMG_6888a.jpg
37 - 38 minutes            
IMG_6889a IMG_6890a IMG_6895a IMG_6897a IMG_6900a IMG_6909a IMG_6910a
IMG_6889a.jpg IMG_6890a.jpg IMG_6895a.jpg IMG_6897a.jpg IMG_6900a.jpg IMG_6909a.jpg IMG_6910a.jpg
IMG_6912a IMG_6915a IMG_6922a IMG_6924a IMG_6925a IMG_6928a IMG_6930a
IMG_6912a.jpg IMG_6915a.jpg IMG_6922a.jpg IMG_6924a.jpg IMG_6925a.jpg IMG_6928a.jpg IMG_6930a.jpg
IMG_6932a IMG_6934a IMG_6936a IMG_6938a IMG_6941a IMG_6945a IMG_6946a
IMG_6932a.jpg IMG_6934a.jpg IMG_6936a.jpg IMG_6938a.jpg IMG_6941a.jpg IMG_6945a.jpg IMG_6946a.jpg
40 - 41 minutes            
IMG_6947a IMG_6950a IMG_6952a IMG_6954a IMG_6956a IMG_6961a IMG_6964a
IMG_6947a.jpg IMG_6950a.jpg IMG_6952a.jpg IMG_6954a.jpg IMG_6956a.jpg IMG_6961a.jpg IMG_6964a.jpg
IMG_6965a IMG_6966a IMG_6968a IMG_6970a IMG_6972a IMG_6974a IMG_6975a
IMG_6965a.jpg IMG_6966a.jpg IMG_6968a.jpg IMG_6970a.jpg IMG_6972a.jpg IMG_6974a.jpg IMG_6975a.jpg
IMG_6977a IMG_6984a IMG_6987a IMG_6988a IMG_6990a IMG_6995a IMG_6998a
IMG_6977a.jpg IMG_6984a.jpg IMG_6987a.jpg IMG_6988a.jpg IMG_6990a.jpg IMG_6995a.jpg IMG_6998a.jpg
41 - 42 minutes            
IMG_7000a IMG_7003a IMG_7005a IMG_7010a IMG_7013a IMG_7014a IMG_7016a
IMG_7000a.jpg IMG_7003a.jpg IMG_7005a.jpg IMG_7010a.jpg IMG_7013a.jpg IMG_7014a.jpg IMG_7016a.jpg
IMG_7017a IMG_7019a IMG_7023a IMG_7025a IMG_7027a IMG_7029a IMG_7034a
IMG_7017a.jpg IMG_7019a.jpg IMG_7023a.jpg IMG_7025a.jpg IMG_7027a.jpg IMG_7029a.jpg IMG_7034a.jpg
42 - 44 minutes            
IMG_7038a IMG_7043a IMG_7044a IMG_7050a IMG_7053a IMG_7057a IMG_7059a
IMG_7038a.jpg IMG_7043a.jpg IMG_7044a.jpg IMG_7050a.jpg IMG_7053a.jpg IMG_7057a.jpg IMG_7059a.jpg
IMG_7062a IMG_7063a IMG_7065a IMG_7070a IMG_7072a IMG_7074a IMG_7076a
IMG_7062a.jpg IMG_7063a.jpg IMG_7065a.jpg IMG_7070a.jpg IMG_7072a.jpg IMG_7074a.jpg IMG_7076a.jpg
43 - 44 minutes            
IMG_7077a IMG_7082a IMG_7085a IMG_7088a IMG_7092a IMG_7095a IMG_7098a
IMG_7077a.jpg IMG_7082a.jpg IMG_7085a.jpg IMG_7088a.jpg IMG_7092a.jpg IMG_7095a.jpg IMG_7098a.jpg
45 - 47 minutes            
IMG_7100a IMG_7101a IMG_7104a IMG_7106a IMG_7108a IMG_7112a IMG_7115a
IMG_7100a.jpg IMG_7101a.jpg IMG_7104a.jpg IMG_7106a.jpg IMG_7108a.jpg IMG_7112a.jpg IMG_7115a.jpg
IMG_7117a IMG_7122a IMG_7124a IMG_7126a IMG_7128a IMG_7132a IMG_7136a
IMG_7117a.jpg IMG_7122a.jpg IMG_7124a.jpg IMG_7126a.jpg IMG_7128a.jpg IMG_7132a.jpg IMG_7136a.jpg
46 - 49 minutes            
IMG_7137a IMG_7138a IMG_7140a IMG_7143a IMG_7150a IMG_7154a IMG_7156a
IMG_7137a.jpg IMG_7138a.jpg IMG_7140a.jpg IMG_7143a.jpg IMG_7150a.jpg IMG_7154a.jpg IMG_7156a.jpg
IMG_7158a IMG_7162a IMG_7163a IMG_7167a IMG_7171a IMG_7178a IMG_7180a
IMG_7158a.jpg IMG_7162a.jpg IMG_7163a.jpg IMG_7167a.jpg IMG_7171a.jpg IMG_7178a.jpg IMG_7180a.jpg
47 - 48  minutes       38 - 39 minutes    
IMG_7183a IMG_7187a IMG_7188a IMG_7192a IMG_7195a IMG_7199a IMG_7200a
IMG_7183a.jpg IMG_7187a.jpg IMG_7188a.jpg IMG_7192a.jpg IMG_7195a.jpg IMG_7199a.jpg IMG_7200a.jpg
47 - 49 minutes         39 - 40 minutes  
IMG_7207a IMG_7214a IMG_7217a IMG_7218a IMG_7221a IMG_7225a IMG_7231a
IMG_7207a.jpg IMG_7214a.jpg IMG_7217a.jpg IMG_7218a.jpg IMG_7221a.jpg IMG_7225a.jpg IMG_7231a.jpg
38 - 40 minutes            
IMG_7234a IMG_7235a IMG_7239a IMG_7241a IMG_7243a IMG_7246a IMG_7250a
IMG_7234a.jpg IMG_7235a.jpg IMG_7239a.jpg IMG_7241a.jpg IMG_7243a.jpg IMG_7246a.jpg IMG_7250a.jpg
47 - 48 minutes     40 - 41 minutes      
IMG_7253a IMG_7260a IMG_7264a IMG_7268a IMG_7270a IMG_7272a IMG_7274a
IMG_7253a.jpg IMG_7260a.jpg IMG_7264a.jpg IMG_7268a.jpg IMG_7270a.jpg IMG_7272a.jpg IMG_7274a.jpg
41 - 42 minutes 47 - 49 minutes     41 - 42 minutes    
IMG_7279a IMG_7281a IMG_7286a IMG_7291a IMG_7298a IMG_7303a IMG_7304a
IMG_7279a.jpg IMG_7281a.jpg IMG_7286a.jpg IMG_7291a.jpg IMG_7298a.jpg IMG_7303a.jpg IMG_7304a.jpg
  50 - 52 minutes   41 - 43 minutes      
IMG_7310a IMG_7314a IMG_7318a IMG_7326a IMG_7330a IMG_7333a IMG_7337a
IMG_7310a.jpg IMG_7314a.jpg IMG_7318a.jpg IMG_7326a.jpg IMG_7330a.jpg IMG_7333a.jpg IMG_7337a.jpg
  52 - 54 minutes       42 - 43 minutes  
IMG_7340a IMG_7343a IMG_7347a IMG_7349a IMG_7351a IMG_7352a IMG_7358a
IMG_7340a.jpg IMG_7343a.jpg IMG_7347a.jpg IMG_7349a.jpg IMG_7351a.jpg IMG_7352a.jpg IMG_7358a.jpg
    52 - 54 minutes   43 - 45 minutes    
IMG_7360a IMG_7363a IMG_7367a IMG_7369a IMG_7372a IMG_7375a IMG_7382a
IMG_7360a.jpg IMG_7363a.jpg IMG_7367a.jpg IMG_7369a.jpg IMG_7372a.jpg IMG_7375a.jpg IMG_7382a.jpg
  52 - 55 minutes          
IMG_7386a IMG_7390a IMG_7392a IMG_7395a IMG_7396a IMG_7397a IMG_7399a
IMG_7386a.jpg IMG_7390a.jpg IMG_7392a.jpg IMG_7395a.jpg IMG_7396a.jpg IMG_7397a.jpg IMG_7399a.jpg
56 - 58 minutes            
IMG_7403a IMG_7405a IMG_7407a IMG_7409a IMG_7412a IMG_7413a IMG_7414a
IMG_7403a.jpg IMG_7405a.jpg IMG_7407a.jpg IMG_7409a.jpg IMG_7412a.jpg IMG_7413a.jpg IMG_7414a.jpg
IMG_7415a IMG_7422a IMG_7434a IMG_7437a IMG_7440a IMG_7442a IMG_7446a
IMG_7415a.jpg IMG_7422a.jpg IMG_7434a.jpg IMG_7437a.jpg IMG_7440a.jpg IMG_7442a.jpg IMG_7446a.jpg
55 - 56 minutes     46 - 47 minutes      
IMG_7448a IMG_7452a IMG_7454a IMG_7457a IMG_7460a IMG_7465a IMG_7469a
IMG_7448a.jpg IMG_7452a.jpg IMG_7454a.jpg IMG_7457a.jpg IMG_7460a.jpg IMG_7465a.jpg IMG_7469a.jpg
    60 - 62 minutes        
IMG_7471a IMG_7476a IMG_7478a IMG_7483a IMG_7486a IMG_7495a IMG_7497a
IMG_7471a.jpg IMG_7476a.jpg IMG_7478a.jpg IMG_7483a.jpg IMG_7486a.jpg IMG_7495a.jpg IMG_7497a.jpg
    46 - 48 minutes        
IMG_7498a IMG_7500a IMG_7501a IMG_7506a IMG_7508a IMG_7510a IMG_7512a
IMG_7498a.jpg IMG_7500a.jpg IMG_7501a.jpg IMG_7506a.jpg IMG_7508a.jpg IMG_7510a.jpg IMG_7512a.jpg
  58 - 60 minutes          
IMG_7515a IMG_7517a IMG_7518a IMG_7520a IMG_7521a IMG_7524a IMG_7527a
IMG_7515a.jpg IMG_7517a.jpg IMG_7518a.jpg IMG_7520a.jpg IMG_7521a.jpg IMG_7524a.jpg IMG_7527a.jpg
IMG_7529a IMG_7532a IMG_7534a IMG_7536a IMG_7538a IMG_7540a IMG_7543a
IMG_7529a.jpg IMG_7532a.jpg IMG_7534a.jpg IMG_7536a.jpg IMG_7538a.jpg IMG_7540a.jpg IMG_7543a.jpg
58 - 61 minutes         47 - 48 minutes  
IMG_7546a IMG_7548a IMG_7549a IMG_7551a IMG_7553a IMG_7555a IMG_7562a
IMG_7546a.jpg IMG_7548a.jpg IMG_7549a.jpg IMG_7551a.jpg IMG_7553a.jpg IMG_7555a.jpg IMG_7562a.jpg
    58 - 61 minutes        
IMG_7564a IMG_7567a IMG_7572a IMG_7574a IMG_7577a IMG_7578a IMG_7580a
IMG_7564a.jpg IMG_7567a.jpg IMG_7572a.jpg IMG_7574a.jpg IMG_7577a.jpg IMG_7578a.jpg IMG_7580a.jpg
58 - 61 minutes   48 - 50 minutes        
IMG_7581a IMG_7584a IMG_7587a IMG_7589a IMG_7595a IMG_7600a IMG_7605a
IMG_7581a.jpg IMG_7584a.jpg IMG_7587a.jpg IMG_7589a.jpg IMG_7595a.jpg IMG_7600a.jpg IMG_7605a.jpg
58 - 60 minutes            
IMG_7608a IMG_7609a IMG_7615a IMG_7616a IMG_7619a IMG_7622a IMG_7626a
IMG_7608a.jpg IMG_7609a.jpg IMG_7615a.jpg IMG_7616a.jpg IMG_7619a.jpg IMG_7622a.jpg IMG_7626a.jpg
50 - 52 minutes     62 - 64 minutes      
IMG_7627a IMG_7634a IMG_7636a IMG_7639a IMG_7641a IMG_7654a IMG_7664a
IMG_7627a.jpg IMG_7634a.jpg IMG_7636a.jpg IMG_7639a.jpg IMG_7641a.jpg IMG_7654a.jpg IMG_7664a.jpg
IMG_7667a IMG_7668a IMG_7671a IMG_7672a IMG_7673a IMG_7676a IMG_7679a
IMG_7667a.jpg IMG_7668a.jpg IMG_7671a.jpg IMG_7672a.jpg IMG_7673a.jpg IMG_7676a.jpg IMG_7679a.jpg
64 - 68 minutes            
IMG_7682a IMG_7687a IMG_7692a IMG_7696a IMG_7699a IMG_7701a IMG_7702a
IMG_7682a.jpg IMG_7687a.jpg IMG_7692a.jpg IMG_7696a.jpg IMG_7699a.jpg IMG_7701a.jpg IMG_7702a.jpg
66 - 68 minutes            
IMG_7709a IMG_7710a IMG_7714a IMG_7715a IMG_7717a IMG_7719a IMG_7721a
IMG_7709a.jpg IMG_7710a.jpg IMG_7714a.jpg IMG_7715a.jpg IMG_7717a.jpg IMG_7719a.jpg IMG_7721a.jpg
IMG_7724a IMG_7728a IMG_7732a IMG_7736a IMG_7737a IMG_7739a IMG_7746a
IMG_7724a.jpg IMG_7728a.jpg IMG_7732a.jpg IMG_7736a.jpg IMG_7737a.jpg IMG_7739a.jpg IMG_7746a.jpg
68 - 70 minutes            
IMG_7760a IMG_7763a IMG_7767a IMG_7775a IMG_7778a IMG_7780a IMG_7782a
IMG_7760a.jpg IMG_7763a.jpg IMG_7767a.jpg IMG_7775a.jpg IMG_7778a.jpg IMG_7780a.jpg IMG_7782a.jpg
56 - 58 minutes            
IMG_7783a IMG_7789a IMG_7791a IMG_7802a IMG_7805a IMG_7809a IMG_7813a
IMG_7783a.jpg IMG_7789a.jpg IMG_7791a.jpg IMG_7802a.jpg IMG_7805a.jpg IMG_7809a.jpg IMG_7813a.jpg
IMG_7819a IMG_7827a IMG_7832a IMG_7834a IMG_7838a IMG_7843a IMG_7844a
IMG_7819a.jpg IMG_7827a.jpg IMG_7832a.jpg IMG_7834a.jpg IMG_7838a.jpg IMG_7843a.jpg IMG_7844a.jpg
60 - 62 minutes            
IMG_7850a IMG_7852a IMG_7856a IMG_7859a IMG_7860a IMG_7862a IMG_7862b
IMG_7850a.jpg IMG_7852a.jpg IMG_7856a.jpg IMG_7859a.jpg IMG_7860a.jpg IMG_7862a.jpg IMG_7862b.jpg
IMG_7869a IMG_7875a IMG_7879a IMG_7884a IMG_7889a IMG_7891a IMG_7893a
IMG_7869a.jpg IMG_7875a.jpg IMG_7879a.jpg IMG_7884a.jpg IMG_7889a.jpg IMG_7891a.jpg IMG_7893a.jpg
IMG_7896a IMG_7901a IMG_7918a IMG_7919a IMG_7921a IMG_7923a IMG_7931a
IMG_7896a.jpg IMG_7901a.jpg IMG_7918a.jpg IMG_7919a.jpg IMG_7921a.jpg IMG_7923a.jpg IMG_7931a.jpg
64 - 66 minutes            
IMG_7937a IMG_7939a IMG_7954a IMG_7958a IMG_7964a IMG_7969a IMG_7974a
IMG_7937a.jpg IMG_7939a.jpg IMG_7954a.jpg IMG_7958a.jpg IMG_7964a.jpg IMG_7969a.jpg IMG_7974a.jpg
64 - 68 minutes            
IMG_7977a IMG_7980a IMG_7991a IMG_7994a IMG_8004a IMG_8006a IMG_8012a
IMG_7977a.jpg IMG_7980a.jpg IMG_7991a.jpg IMG_7994a.jpg IMG_8004a.jpg IMG_8006a.jpg IMG_8012a.jpg
IMG_8060a IMG_8081a IMG_8092a IMG_8107a IMG_8114a IMG_8116a  
IMG_8060a.jpg IMG_8081a.jpg IMG_8092a.jpg IMG_8107a.jpg IMG_8114a.jpg IMG_8116a.jpg